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Canon ImageRunner Advance C5035 Toner Cartridges

  • Black - Canon GPR-31 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5035 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5235 Toner.


    Page Yield 36,000


    Buy 3+: $56.95

  • Cyan - Canon GPR-31 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5030 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5240 Toner.


    Page Yield 27,000


    Buy 3+: $77.85

  • Yellow - Canon GPR-31 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5030 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5240 Toner.


    Page Yield 27,000


    Buy 3+: $77.85

  • Magenta - Canon GPR-31 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5035 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5235 Toner.


    Page Yield 27,000


    Buy 3+: $77.85

  • 4 Color Pack - Canon GPR-31 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5030 Toner, Canon IRC Adv C5240 Toner.


    $305.80 You save $15.85


How to replace the cartridges

Cartridge Replacement for Canon ImageRunner Advance C5035

Replacing the Canon C5035 toner cartridges

Replacing the Canon C5035 toner cartridges is a very important part of printing successfully. A bad installation can cause problems that go from bad printing quality to damaging the toner cartridges or other printer parts.
Here are some easy steps that you can use to remove the used toner cartridges and install the new ones without damaging your printer or you Canon C5035 toner cartridges.

Before start replacing the Canon ImageRunner C5035 toner cartridges keep in mind the following safety recommendations:


  • - Do not burn or throw used toner cartridges into open flames, as this may cause a fire
  • - If toner gets onto your hands or clothing, wash it off immediately with cold water. Do not use warm water as this may set the toner permanently, and you may not be able to remove the toner stains
  • - Be careful and do not inhale the toner

Removing the used Canon C5035 toner cartridge

1. Press

If the black canon c5035 toner or all of the toners run out, this step is not necessary
2. Open the toner replacement cover

3. From the display of the control panel, select the color of the toner you want to replace and then press [Remove Toner Cartridge]

4. The internal cover will open automatically, after that, take the canon imagerunner c5030 toner cartridge out of the printer

Installing the new Canon C5035 toner cartridge

5. Take the new toner cartridge with both hands and shake it gently up and down 10 times

6. Remove the red protective cap of the new canon c5035 toner cartridge

7. Push the new toner cartridge into the printer as far as possible

8. Close the internal cover and finally close the toner replacement cover.

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Expert Advice

Questions about Canon Imagerunner C5035 toner cartridges

Question: Hello Joe, for the Canon C5035 toner cartridge what does it mean when it shows a page yield at a "5% coverage"?

Answer: The page yield of any Canon Imagerunner C5035 toner cartridge is the number of pages it will last at a 5% coverage. A 5% coverage is usually a regular letter size page with text.

Question: Hi Joe, I'm about to buy some toner cartridges but I don't know what a compatible Canon C5035 toner exactly means, can you help me?

Answer: There are 3 types of toner cartridges on the market, the first one is the OEM which is made by the manufacturer of the machine, in this case Canon; most of the times, the original Canon C5035 toner cartridges are very expensive, that's why other manufacturers have been selling two different alternatives: compatible toner cartridges and re-manufactured ones. The compatible toner is mostly the same as the original but it is not made by canon, but it works perfectly with your printer and gives you almost the same quality than the OEM and what is best is it is significantly cheaper. The third one, re-manufactured toner cartridge is the one you or another company refills and changes the chip so that it can work again in your printer, they're also a good idea to help save money and get a high quality on your printed pages.

Question: Hello Joe, if I order a Canon C5035 toner cartridge, how long will my package take to get to California ?

Answer: The estimated shipping time depends on the shipping method you select when doing check out and your location. We offer different shipping methods: UPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail and UPS Next Day.

Question: What does it mean that the Canon ImageRunner C5035 toner cartridges are compatible with other machines such as Canon C5030?

Answer: Hello, first of all there's nothing to worry about, it just means that the company sells machines with similar specifications but with different names and something extra that makes them different, maybe the number of paper handles or an extra function such as fax or scanner. What you need to know is that although these machines have different names, the toner cartridges are the same and they work perfectly with each of these machines.

Question: Hey Joe, I've just seen that if I buy a Canon C5035 toner set I'll save a lot of money but I'm wondering how long can i save a new toner cartridge before it gets damaged?

Answer: Hello, that's a good question, because when we run a business we need to get everything working exactly how we want so we try to be prepared for anything that can happen, one of these things is the replacement of our toner cartridges. You can save toner cartridges for two years until they get damaged. Remember to store them in a location with little heat and humidity it will help conserve the cartridges.

Question: Dear Joe, I'm from Canada and I'm wondering if you can ship a Canon ImageRunner C5035 toner cartridge to Canada?

Answer: Hello, Of course, we ship to almost all the countries in the world, so you can easily purchase from us and make sure you select the USPS Priority Mail International shipping method, that way you won't have to pay taxes!

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