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Ricoh SP C811DN Toner Cartridges

  • Black - Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN Toner / Lanier LP440c Toner / Savin CLP240D Toner / Gestetner C7640 Toner


    Page Yield 23,000


    Buy 3+: $47.45

  • Cyan - Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN Toner / Lanier LP440c Toner / Savin CLP240D Toner / Gestetner C7640 Toner


    Page Yield 17,000


    Buy 3+: $60.75

  • Magenta - Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN Toner / Lanier LP440c Toner / Savin CLP240D Toner / Gestetner C7640 Toner


    Page Yield 17,000


    Buy 3+: $60.75

  • Yellow - Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN Toner / Lanier LP440c Toner / Savin CLP240D Toner / Gestetner C7640 Toner


    Page Yield 17,000


    Buy 3+: $60.75

  • 4 Color Pack - Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN Toner, Lanier LP440C Toner.


    $241.80 You save $13.85


How to replace the cartridges

Cartridge Replacement for Ricoh SP C811DN

Cartridge Replacement for Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN

Replacing the Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN toner cartridges is a very important part of printing successfully. A bad installation can cause problems that go from bad printing quality to damaging the toner cartridges or other printer parts.

Here are some easy steps that you can use to remove the used toner cartridges and install the new ones without damaging your printer or your Ricoh Aficio SP C811DN toner cartridges.

Before start replacing the Ricoh Aficio SP C811dn toner cartridges keep in mind the following safety recommendations:


  • - Do not burn or throw used toner cartridges into open flames, as this may cause a fire
  • - If toner gets onto your hands or clothing, wash it off immediately with cold water. Do not use warm water as this may set the toner permanently, and you may not be able to remove the toner stains

Removing the used Ricoh Aficio SP C811dn Toner Cartridge

Open the cover board on the Ricoh sp c811dn1. Open the cover board on the right side of the printer.

Unlock the Ricoh sp c811dn toner2. Take out the used ricoh sp c811dn toner cartridge.

Installing the new Ricoh Aficio SP C811dn Toner Cartridge

Remove the Ricoh sp c811dn toner3. Take the new ricoh aficio sp c811dn toner cartridge out of the box and shake it firmly from 5 to 6 times.

Shake the Ricoh sp c811dn toner4. Put the new ricoh sp c811dn toner cartridge into the printer and close the cover board.

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Expert Advice

Questions about Ricoh SP C811DN Toner Cartridges. 

 Question: I just got an error code SC 220 in my Ricoh Aficio SP C811dn, What should I do?

Answer: For your Ricoh SP C811dn the error SC 220 means a laser sync error. You will need to replace the laser sync board or the laser diode itself. To change those parts you need a technician who knows the exactly process and will protect your printer from any damage.

Question: A was printing on my Ricoh SP C811dn and it stop working. Error SC367 appears telling me “'Functional problem turn power switch off then on” Can I fix it?

Answer: For Ricoh Aficio SP C811dn printer error SC367 indicates a yellow toner density error. Please try first turning off the machine, waiting for some seconds and turning it back on. If it doesn´t help, you need to replace the yellow photoconductor unit (PCU).

Question: My ricoh SP C811 is showing a message SC552 when I turn it on.

Answer: The error SC 552 in Ricoh SP C811dn printer indicates a heating roller warm-up error. It could be caused by the heating roller temperature not reaching the ready temperature for 90 seconds after the heating lamp on or the heating roller temperature not reaching 80°C for 13 seconds after the IH inverter on. The thermistor and IH inverter could be defective and need to be changed.

Question: The ricoh aficio SP C811dn smudges bottom of the page printed. The stripe is 3 cm wide and it has all the color mixed there.

Answer: In this case it is a problem with your transfer belt cleaning unit. The transfer unit is above the drums and the cleaner is on the left side. Please remove it and you will see similar band as what you are seeing on your prints. You can try wiping of the cleaning blade in the unit or will need to replace it.

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