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Xerox Phaser 7760 Toner Cartridges

Replacing Xerox Phaser 7760 Toner Cartridges

Cartridge Replacement for Xerox Phaser 7760

Replacing the Xerox Phaser 7760 Toner Cartridges is a very important part of printing successfully. A bad installation can cause problems that go from bad printing quality to damaging the toner cartridges or other printer parts.

Here are some easy steps that you can use to remove the used toner cartridges and install the new ones without damaging your printer or your Xerox Phaser 7760 toner cartridges.

Before start replacing the Xerox 7760 Toner keep in mind the following safety recommendations:


  • - Do not burn or throw used toner cartridges into open flames, as this may cause a fire
  • - If toner gets onto your hands or clothing, wash it off immediately with cold water. Do not use warm water as this may set the toner permanently, and you may not be able to remove the toner stains

Removing the used Xerox Phaser 7760 Toner Cartridges

1. Open the front door of the printer.

2. Rotate the used toner cartridge to the unlocked position in order to be able to remove it. Remove it buy pulling it straight out of the machine.

Installing the new Xerox Phaser 7760 Toner Cartridges

3. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging and shake it several times to distribute the toner evenly.

4. Install the new toner cartridge and make sure it seated properly before turn it into the locked position.

5. Close the front door.