I spy with my little eyes, a hidden message!

It's that time of the day where work starts to get a little bit tedious and minds start to wander.

How about taking advantage of this time to take a break and play a joke on your co-workers just for fun.

Eye Chart poster

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Stand out and get the job!

We know how hard it is to compete when you are looking for a job, especially when your résumé gets lost in a sea of other people’s applications.

That is why you need to give that C.V. a splash of color with this printable template!

CV template

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Do your coworkers make you lose focus?

Stop those annoying office interruptions before they even occur with this hanging door sign.

We are sure no one will bother you unless there is a singing mermaid at the office lobby!

door sign

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Think of your inbox as Pandora's Box

This might sound a bit paranoid, but being careless with your inbox can result in irreversible damages for you and your company.

Now more than ever it is important to keep some simple safety tips in mind.

Internet Safety

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Let them eat cake!

Spare all those social awkward sugar-driven colleagues the pain and suffering of not knowing

and print out this nifty birthday chart for your office bulletin board!

Birthday Chart

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To-do or not to do, that is the question!

We all have those weeks when there are a thousand things to do, so many we don’t even know with what task to begin!

We know just the thing that will help you get your head above water. So just take a deep breath and get a grip, it's time to organize!

To Do List

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