I spy with my little eyes, a hidden message!

It's that time of the day where work starts to get a little bit tedious and minds start to wander. How about taking advantage of this time to take a break and play a joke on your co-workers just for fun.

  1. Download these posters, print them and hang them up on a wall.
  2. Call a colleague and tell them you are doing a free eye check up at in your office.
  3. Make them stand a few feet away from the posters and ask them to read the message out loud, not as single letters but as a whole sentence, while covering one eye.

In the best case scenario, you'll probably get a few laughs out of it.

The worst case scenario would be that you accidentally find out someone actually does need to get their eyes checked!

To get the first poster, specially designed for those critical coworkers, click here to get it in PDF, PNG or Ai.
The second, perfect for giving a splash of humor to the work day, can also be downloaded as PDF, PNG or Ai.

Eye Chart poster