Think of your inbox as Pandora's Box

This might sound a bit paranoid, but being careless with your inbox can result in irreversible damages for you and your company.

We are in the Era of the Ransomware, so now more than ever it is important to keep some simple safety tips in mind:

1. Do not open emails from people you don't know or if the email address looks off. For example, an email from Amazon will always end with "".

2. Replying to, clicking on links, or even unsubscribing from spam emails can open the door for viruses to attack your computer and can even give the sender access to your personal info.

3. Always remember to sign out of your account and make sure the browser you use doesn't automatically store your user information.

4. Change your password frequently and avoid sharing it with anyone.

5. Do not give your email address to sites you don't trust and avoid signing up for unnecessary newsletters.

We are sure that following these simple tips will help prevent major losses, but just in case you want to give your co-workers a friendly reminder about internet safety, print out this sign.

Internet safety

Download it as PSD, PDF or JPG. We printed it with one of our HP printers and pasted it on a wall where everyone can see it.