To-do or not to do, that is the question!

We all have those weeks when there are a thousand things to do, so many we don’t even know with what task to begin!

That overwhelming feeling tends to put our nerves on edge and we ask ourselves is “how on earth will we get everything done on time?”


We know just the thing that will help you get your head above water. So just take a deep breath and get a grip, it's time to organize!

  1. Write a To-Do list. Make sure you take into account all of your due dates while you write down every single task that must be done. Also, take into consideration how long they will take to know how to distribute them throughout the week.

  2. Declutter your desk and organize any paperwork in order of importance. Make sure to print every single document you need at the beginning of the week.

  3. Grab your headphones and put on music that helps you concentrate.

  4. Make sure that you prepare everything you need beforehand. Any supplies, materials, and tools should be on your desk at the beginning of the day to reduce the number of times you get distracted (but also remember to take breaks every once in a while to give yourself time to rest).

  5. Check off each task when you finish them and make sure to treat yourself to something fun at the end of the day.

Does your To-Do List lack a bit of color and fun to get things up and running, how about downloading ours?

We printed a bunch for everyone at our office with our Ricoh Aficio MP C2500 printer and they have been using them all the time.

Click here to print her up now from JPG or PDF!

To Do List