Printable Inspirational Poster

Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder to refocus and boost your team's spirits.
All they might needare a couple of inspirational words from a great mind.


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Designing and Printing for Color Blindness

 Out of 100 users that visit your website or come to your office, up to 8 people could actually have issues understanding your visual aids because of the way they perceive color. 
Knowing this, here are some things you should consider when preparing digital and printed materials to become more inclusive.

Color Blindness

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Glossary of terms

Having doubts about some specific words and terms on our site that are crucial for your buying process?
Here are some quick definitions that might help you out. 

Toner Glossary

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Did you know?

Most of us use them at home and work, but how much do we really know about printers and toner
We've gathered 7 fun facts about them you've probably never heard of!


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101: Knowing the basics on how to preserve your prints

Some of us are old school, and with classic trends being adapted to current times we’ve come to want everything preserved in solid form. There is always that underlying fear that your most priced documents, photos, and email will be lost forever if technology suddenly fails you. But, how do we keep does printed memorabilia from deteriorating?
Ink and toner 

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